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Fresenius Kidney Care
Issue 26 | February 2019
From our Hearts to yours

This February, we’re celebrating all matters of the heart for both Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month—whether it’s checking our blood pressure, adjusting to a heart-healthy diet or showing a little appreciation for our friends and loved ones. In the meantime, keep reading for a few simple steps we can all take to protect and promote our own heart health.

Maria Pacheco and Elva Atilano

A perfect match

Cousins Maria Pacheco, 82, and Elva Atilano, 68, have always been close. In fact, they live just across the street from each other. Now they have grown even closer, facing a shared battle with kidney disease, supporting each other as they dialyze side by side in El Paso, Texas. Maria and Elva are helping each other live life to the fullest through a positive mindset, a passion for cooking and a love of their large family.

“We live for each other,” Elva said. “Going through dialysis together has changed our lives. We’re closer now because we understand what the other is going through.”

As Maria and Elva plan their year ahead, they provide extra support for each other to stick to a kidney-friendly diet. Their favorite traditions include making dozens of homemade tamales and buñuelos together for their large family, including Elva’s 19 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Fluid Management

Protecting your heart by managing your fluid

Healthy kidneys pull extra fluid out of your body and send it away in your urine. If you have end stage renal disease, dialysis removes that excess fluid from your body. If fluid is not controlled and builds up too much between dialysis sessions, it puts pressure on your heart. The extra fluid causes your heart to work harder to pump blood. Over time, your heart can get weaker and not work as well. Managing your fluid intake is one way to help avoid fluid overload and stay heart healthy.

Eat For Your Heart
Chicken Broccoli Stromboli

Heart-healthy recipes

Protect your ticker with recipes your heart—and taste buds—will appreciate!

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